A database administrator (acronym DBA) is an IT Professional responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrading, administration, monitoring, maintenance, and security of databases in an organization.

The role includes the development and design of database strategies, system monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements. They may also plan, co-ordinate and implement security measures to safeguard the database.

Job titlesEdit

DBAs are also known by the titles Database Coordinator or Database Programmer, although a database programmer requires more advanced skills in SQL programming than a DBA may have, and Database Programmers may not have and do not require the skills of database administration, backing up, restoring, monitoring or tuning to do their job well. The role integrates closely with the other jobs of Database Analyst, Database Modeller,Programmer Analyst, and Systems Manager.

Some organizations have a hierarchical system of database administrators, generally:

  • Junior DBAs
  • Mid-level DBAs
  • Senior DBAs
  • DBA consultants
  • Manager/Director of Database Administration/Information Technology